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Tutis Foster Care

Owned and run by committed individuals

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About Tutis Foster Care

We are an independent fostering agency run by committed, experienced individuals wanting to provide the very best care for children and young people.

We pride ourselves on treating Foster Carers as respected professionals. Carers receive extensive support, generous allowances and everything required to help children and young people find emotional stability and security.

What does fostering mean to the children we care for:

  • Having someone who cares for them, protects them and loves them
  • Being able to feel safe which in turn allows them to relax and have fun, play, learn and explore
  • Allowing them to feel secure which assists emotional healing
  • Having someone there to help pick them up when things go wrong and celebrate with them when things go right
  • Just being there unconditionally

Why we care

“We want all children looked after to have the very best care and to experience a truly fantastic childhood. We want to support our carers to provide this and more…..”

For further information about Tutis Foster Care, to transfer to Tutis or become a new Foster Carer, please call 01946 65686 or email

New to Fostering

Every year, tens of thousands of children across the UK need Foster Carers while they can’t live with their own families. That means thousands of new Foster Carers are required every year. Could you be one of them?

Transfer to Tutis

At Tutis Foster Care, you’ll be part of our team, working alongside social workers and We offer a wide range of training options and there’s opportunities to develop and widen your particular interests and skills.


We are proud that we obtained a rating of ‘GOOD’ in the last Ofsted inspection with particular praise for the good quality care given to children and excellent support for Foster Carers.

Transfer to Tutis

If you are already fostering and considering making the move to Tutis Foster Care, please use this online form to register your interest in finding out more about the benefits of joining us.