Carer Stories

A Fostering Agency is only as good as those involved and we are very fortunate to have such dedicated, hardworking carers who are committed to the role of offering a family to children who have had to leave their homes.

Read more about our carers as well as the children and young people who we have had the pleasure of getting to know over the years.

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Interview with an experienced Foster Carer

Age 51. Single Female Carer

Currently caring for 3 siblings, who will remain in her care until they reach an age of independence.

She has been a Foster Carer since 2011 and since this time she has cared for approximately 15 children. Eight of these children have been with her for a longer period, for example over a month.

Are you glad you made the decision to be a Foster Carer?

Best decision I have ever made – I love it. Wouldn’t change a thing.

What is the best thing about fostering?

Seeing a child in your care flourish – gain confidence, be happy, and have the chance to be a regular kid.

Getting to be with brilliant children all the time, and giving children who have experienced awful things some normality.

Getting to give children new experiences – holidays, days out, birthday parties.

Describe the children you have cared for:

Various ages from young children to teenagers. Self – confidence has nearly always been a factor, all needed love and consistency, pieces of work to complete with all the children. All have brought their own challenges, which are difficult, but the rewards outweigh the difficulties.

What do you feel is the most important thing for a child / young person in the care system?

To feel wanted. To have consistency, rules boundaries and love. To give them your time.

What have you found difficult as a Foster Carer?

Letting children ‘go’ (move on from her care). Impact that it has had on wider family also needs to be considered, as fostering is not just a job but a life choice. Children in my care become my number one priority.

How have you found giving up work to foster?

Been fostering since 2011, and only gave up work in 2016. It was a big decision to make, but I am so glad I chose to do it, allows me to fully focus on the children in my care.

What would you say to anyone considering fostering?

Think about it carefully, as it is life altering. But It could be the best thing you have ever done, it is brilliant and you get so many rewards, and it gives you the best feeling.

You transferred from another agency to Tutis Foster Care, why did you do this? And has it been a good move?

I transferred as I wasn’t getting the support I wanted, and had frequent worker changes. Moving to Tutis was a great decision, I am well supported and we feel like a ‘family’. All the carers and staff know each other, and so do the children, we have regular meet ups e.g. meals, days our and support groups. It’s so much better, the focus is on the children.

How have you found the training delivered by Tutis?

Really beneficial, actually come away with something. The most recent training was ran by an ex-care leaver, and it was really interesting / useful.

Hear what a young person thinks of Tutis Foster Care

During my time with Tutis, I never longed for any more support than I received.  Any achievements I made such as my GCSE’S, A-Levels and University acceptance were always thoroughly praised and rewarded. Recently I was accepted into Liverpool John Moores University to study Law and Criminal Justice and was rewarded with a Gift Voucher and Card as well as many lovely messages praising me for my acceptance. Birthdays were always recognised during my time with Tutis – something that had not been acknowledged with previous care agencies.

I was able to go on numerous days out with the Tutis group including nice evening meals, I also gained two life changing experiences via Louise, who organised for me and many other vulnerable young adults to go abroad and volunteer in places such as an orphanage for the disabled. As well as this, we fundraised to make enough money to go with a leader for the ‘RV project’ and during this, all Tutis members were extremely generous (with both time and their own money) and helped ensure that every child that wished to, received this opportunity.

I moved in with Deborah Adams around 4 years ago and have had no significant problems whilst under her care. I was always made aware by both Deborah and Tutis that there were people independent of both parties whom I could confide in if I needed to, however for me personally this was never necessary. Any trouble me and Deb ever came across, we spoke about openly and came to either an agreement or a compromise. Both Deb and Tutis have supported and encouraged me in everything I have wanted to achieve, and I know that this level of support is substantially greater than any I received in my placement prior to Debs.

Speaking from my experience I strongly believe that the level of support and the sheer determination to help others demonstrated by Tutis is incredibly unique and I could not be happier that I was placed with both them and Deborah, I do not believe I would have achieved what I have without them.

Birthdays were always recognised during my time with Tutis – something that had not been acknowledged with previous care agencies.