How we support you

Foster Carer

We are proud to be part of such a dedicated team.


The small size of the agency means that all staff have good knowledge of the agency’s foster carers and children placed. This helps them to provide effective support in an emergency.

Foster Carer

Communication with the fostering agency has been very effective. Everything was put in terms that we easily understood.


“Many children are living in long-term placements in which they are able to thrive. They have a real sense of belonging”.

Read more about Foster Care allowances here and if you have any other queries, please call 01946 65686 or email

We pay competitive rates and offer excellent support and training to enable you to do the job to the best of your ability.

Our Foster Carers have access to their own Supervising Social Worker and a Support Worker to offer advice, support and guidance, whenever this is required.

We regularly involve carers in the direction of the agency and readily take on any suggestions made by our carers to improve the service we offer. We are a small team so we’re able to implement changes quickly, if required.

We provide out of hours support with access to Supervising Social Workers and Managers, when required.

Training is flexible to meet your needs, including during school hours, evenings and weekends, in addition to online training. We can provide bespoke support to help you meet the needs of any child you are caring for.

How we support:

Foster Carers can sometimes become de-motivated if difficult situations arise – and they do.  A Foster Agency needs to be aware of how their carers are feeling and coping, otherwise there could be a detrimental impact upon the child/ren placed.

Prior to a child being placed, Tutis Foster Care staff need to agree that the identified Foster Carer has the time and skills required for a particular child.  This is part of the Matching Process.  Additionally, we must be upfront with carers about the background of the child.  To enable us to do this we need to receive as much information as we can from the placing Local Authority.

We offer the following as part of the package to support all our Carers –

  • Every ‘foster family’ will be assigned a Supervising Social Worker. The Supervising Social Worker will provide advice, support and guidance to carers, to enable a quintessential service to the children they care for.  For example, there is an expectation that carers complete regular recordings and other paperwork when necessary, of which training will be provided.  When required, Supervising Social Workers will make extra visits and very regular telephone contact is guaranteed.  After Approval, each Foster Carer household will be given a Foster Carer Handbook which incorporates agency policies and procedures.
  • Monthly supervision meetings. Monthly Supervisions will take place between the Supervising Social Worker and Foster Carer/s.  Both the needs of the child and the needs of the Carer will be taken into account. The content of the meeting and subsequent actions are recorded and signed by the Carer and Supervising Social Worker.
  • Foster Carer Support Meetings. Monthly Support Meetings are held to enable Foster Carers to socialise together, share good practice ideas, and develop peer support. The meetings are attended by Tutis Foster Care staff and regularly attended by Tutis Foster Care Senior Management.  Guest speakers, including Care Leavers, are occasionally invited for question and answer sessions.
  • Emergency Support. Tutis Foster Care provides a 24 hour, 365 days a year, on-call service to Foster Carers. The on-call service is staffed by qualified Social Workers. The on-call service also provides a family placement service for Local Authorities, for the placement of children in an emergency.
  • Commitment to Equality and Valuing Diversity. Tutis Foster Care is committed to providing holistic services that embrace diversity and promote equality of opportunity. Our goal is to ensure that these commitments, reinforced by our values, are embedded in our day to day working practices with all children and young people, Foster Carers, colleagues and customers.
  • Therapeutic Support for the Child. We have access to a number of therapists, and are able to commission therapies that best meets the needs of the children placed.
  • Educational Support for the Child. Tutis Foster Care, will, in partnership with the placing Authority look at improving the attainment, and attendance of a child or young person.
  • Health Support for the Child. If a Carer needs assistance to secure health provision for a child, we assist with this.  We provide Reports, if necessary, if a child needs specialist provision, this could be in respect of their physical or emotional health.
  • Representation at Reviews and Meetings. Tutis Foster Care will attend and support Foster Carers at Children Looked After Reviews; PEP Meetings; Multi-agency Meetings; EHCP Reviews; Health Meetings and Appointments if necessary.
  • Respite Care. Tutis Foster Care offers 14 days paid respite for all carer households.
  • Training. All Carers will complete a certain amount of training, as specified in our Statement of Purpose. A career in fostering requires life-long learning and the training element to the role will be ongoing.  Fostering with Tutis Foster Care is a professional role, therefore our Carers must be equipped with appropriate skills and knowledge, to exceed expectations of meeting the needs of the children they care for.  Each Foster Carer’s approval will be reviewed annually, albeit more frequently in certain circumstances
  • TSDS.  Tutis Foster Care support Carers to complete the Training, Support and Development Standards, which is a government requirement for all Foster Carers
  • Association Membership. All Carers have membership with The Fostering Network and the NATP (National Association Of Therapeutic Parents.) An Independent Person can be provided for a Carer if a situation arises whereby it is felt necessary.