Meet the Team

Louise Devlin
Registered Manager

Louise qualified as a Social Worker back in 1994.  She has worked in various Local Authority Teams, including Child Protection and Children Looked After.  Louise has also undertaken the roles of Deputy Manager of a Children’s Home and Manager of a Leaving Care Team.

Louise has vast experience of fostering, having worked for a Local Authority’s Connected Person’s Team, Independent Fostering Agencies (in both Practitioner and Management roles) and as Registered Manager of a Foster Care Charity.

Her drive to establish a small agency was that of wanting to be part of a small Management Team, who have overall say over the type of Foster Carers recruited.  The direct experience that she has gained over the years has highlighted what type of placements work best for different children and how important the right family is.  She believes it is essential to employ Foster Carers who will give it their all, be open to training and have an open door policy when a child leaves their care.

Louise has been part of a group that have taken some of our young people to Romania, Bulgaria and Poland.  She wants to continue offering opportunities and encouraging young people to experience as much as they can.  She is a strong advocate for children in the looked after system and those making the transition to semi-independent living.

Jenny Beddows
Senior Supervising Social Worker

Jenny qualified as a Social Worker in 2013, and since then has worked as a Supervising Social Worker in the Fostering field.

Jenny is passionate about children in the care system being afforded the same opportunities as their peers to enjoy a happy and successful life.

Jenny’s role at Tutis Foster Care is to support carers to provide consistency, care and guidance to Children Looked After placed in their care, enabling them to achieve positive outcomes. Drawing on her own life experience as a parent and knowledge from various roles in the industry, this has enabled Jenny to deliver outstanding support to all the foster families who work with Tutis Foster Care.

Jenny thoroughly enjoys her work, and looks forward to each challenging yet rewarding day, knowing she is working to better the lives of children in the care system. Jenny is proud to work at Tutis Foster Care alongside a fantastic team who share the same ethos and work collaboratively, supporting carers in innovative ways. It is a rewarding and fulfilling job, and she is always inspired by the children and carers she has the opportunity to work with.

Deborah Henderson
Supporting Social Worker

Deborah is a Qualified Social Worker who has worked in various fields, such as a Child Protection Team and a Leaving Care Teams; prior to this Deborah  work in various supporting roles (with families and children) for local voluntary services.

All the roles that Deborah has worked in have required dedication and tenacity in order to attain the best possible outcomes for children in the looked after sector.

Deborah is currently a Supervising Social worker for Tutis Foster Care and enjoys the diversity of the challenges therein.

Deborah’s ultimate goal is to enable children estranged from their biological family to enjoy a nurturing, fulfilling and positive life with the best possible carers.

Julie Slater
Administration Manager

Julie has over 18-year experience in HR and company administration. She has experience in providing and delivering HR support for personnel stationed throughout Europe. Julie has been responsible for devising and implementing new systems and procedures to ensure effective and HR management. She has also devised and implemented new monitoring systems for sensitive and highly classified documents to ensure security of information.

Julie is very passionate about children and young people having the opportunity to strive to achieve in life. In Julie’s spare time she is an Army Adult Volunteer working with Adults and young people age 12-18 years across Cumbria.

Julie enjoys her work and the challenges it brings day to day, she enjoys supporting the staff, carers and children.

Robin Lovegrove
Responsible Individual and Agency Decision Maker

I am the Tutis “Responsible Individual” which sounds grander than I am, but I do feel proud to be involved with this lovely organisation.   As I write this I have just spent a delightful day with the staff and most of the children, from 3 to 15 years ,whilst their carers have few hours off. The older children were kind, generous and patient with the little ones and they all had a jolly good play.   The Responsible individual bit means that I am the one who nags the Manager and Directors to ensure that they operate within the safe regulatory framework that OFSTED expects them to follow.  They accept my incessant nagging with good grace I have to say.   I can also say that with this organisation has the children both at front and centre of what they do.