Child in care

I am really happy here and there is nothing I would change. My carers are the best parents anyone could wish for.

In September 2017, we underwent our second full Ofsted Inspection. We are thrilled to report that we maintained our overall ‘Good’ status. Ofsted were most impressed with the progress children in our care are making, and the level of support given to carers.

Read a few comments from our carers –

‘I couldn’t ask for a better team. They go above and beyond their duties as professionals.’

‘We are proud to be part of such a dedicated team.’

‘They are always there when you need them.’

A Fostering Agency is only as good as those involved, and we are very fortunate to have such dedicated, hardworking, good humoured Foster Carers who are committed to the role of offering a family to children who have had to leave their homes.

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Young person in care

I can now ride a bike and swim, and I have been on my first holiday ever.