Statement of Purpose

Our Statement of Purpose tells you about the legal status of Tutis Foster Care and about the work we do. It sets out the aims, objectives, values and principles of Tutis Foster Care; and describes how the goals will be met, in partnership with carers, children, their families and other agencies.

The document has been written for anyone with a specific or general interest in fostering. Every prospective and approved foster carer, staff member, and parents of a child placed receives a copy and placing authorities also retain a copy.

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Children’s Guides

Every child placed with Tutis Foster Care will be given a Children’s Guide at the beginning of placement, the guide will include a summary of what foster care is, the role of a Foster Carer, what Tutis Foster Care sets out to do for children and young people, how they can find out their rights, how they can contact their Independent Reviewing officer, The Children’s Rights Director, Ofsted (if they wish to raise a concern), and how to secure access to an Independent Advocate.