Foster Care Allowance

Being a Foster Carer is a job like no other.  You offer life changing care to vulnerable children and young people, which can often be challenging, yet it can also be rewarding in so many ways.

Being a Foster Carer is a demanding yet fantastically rewarding career. Tutis Foster Care offer Foster Carers generous and competitive fostering allowances.

Our allowances take into account the various demands of foster care, and the significance of the role you play in a child or young person’s life. They’re designed to help you cover the cost of looking after the child in your care, and provide recompense for the excellent work you will undertake in improving the lives and outcomes for children.

New to fostering? Read more about becoming a Foster Carer or contact us on 01946 65686 for an informal chat and discover more about becoming a Foster Carer.

If you’re looking to transfer to Tutis Foster Care, find out more about transferring here.

What does fostering mean to the children we care for:

  • Having someone who cares for them, protects them and loves them
  • Able to feel safe to play and explore around them
  • Allowing them to feel secure
  • Having someone there to help pick them up when things go wrong and celebrating with them when things go right
  • Just being there

For children and young people who can no longer live with their birth families, our Foster Carers help them feel protected, safe and secure and give them a place to call home. Being a Foster Carer is no ordinary role and can be challenging as well as being hugely rewarding, for you and the child. We’ll be there with you, supporting and guiding you every step of the way.