Transfer to Tutis

Why change agencies?
You may feel that you should be getting more support, you might be experiencing long periods of time when you do not have a child placed with you and are feeling undervalued. Maybe you have a long way to travel to access training and support groups?

At Tutis Foster Care, you’ll be part of our team, working alongside Social Workers and We offer a wide range of training options and there’s opportunities to develop and widen your particular interests and skills.

Benefits of fostering with Tutis Foster Care

  • We have been rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted and we are immensely proud that we are recognised as providing a high level of support to both our Foster Carers and the children placed with us. Read more 
  • We are independent so you deal directly with us meaning you build long term working relationships with us
  • We only deal with foster care placement, not adoption or child protection therefore we’re specialists in foster care and deliver outstanding service to both carers, children and young people.
  • We offer a high level of support and training packages so you’re always kept up to date and supported throughout your time fostering with us.
  • In addition to the weekly allowance, a Birthday and Christmas Allowance is paid to the Foster Carer, towards the fostered child’s gifts. Read more

Support for Foster Carers
When you foster with Tutis Foster Care you receive excellent support to help you give your best to the child or young person in your care.

You receive –

  • Access to monthly support groups
  • 24/7 on-call support service
  • Membership to the National Association of Therapeutic Parents (NAoTP) and the Fostering Network
  • A dedicated Family Support Worker
  • Regular child/carer days
  • Social events including meals with other Foster Carers
  • Excellent training utilising a range of internal and external trainers

Transfer from another Agency:
If you are thinking about transferring to Tutis Foster Care from another foster care agency, a
ny contact you have will be confidential.  Moving agencies may seem like a daunting experience, but many Foster Carers throughout the country complete this process and there is a protocol that is used to assist with the transition.  Staff from Tutis Foster Care will support you throughout the process.  We have experience of Foster Carers moving to us from other Independent Agencies.

If you already have a child in placement please do not worry, we will be able to support you to make the transfer with minimal disruption to you, the child and the placing authority. 

As a Foster Carer, you have the right to freedom of movement from one agency to another, particularly if you are unhappy with the support you are receiving. 

Complete this online form if you’re considering transferring to Tutis Foster Care. All submissions are strictly confidential and data is not shared with third parties.


“Foster carers feel that they are part of a team. They feel well supported by the agency and by their peers”.